Thursday, 9 March 2017

Hiring Maids From Maid Agencies In Singapore

It is paramount for you to know the best maid agency when choosing the best Singapore maid agency to recruit an excellent maid for your family. You can tackle stress from working, taking care of children and the elderly and other household chores by getting a maid to help you. Since it is not advisable for you to hire anyone as a maid, it is wise for you to hire one from a proper agency to ensure that the maid will not be a burden to you. Here are few essential points you need to considered when looking for a maid in Singapore and the corresponding maid agency where they are registered.

Make sure the maid agency is licensed by the government sectors like Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and also accredited by the Consumers Association of Singapore.

Busy Singaporeans may think about getting a foreign domestic worker but that is not an easy decision to make. It is important that you can manage a foreign worker who may not be in familiar with the Singapore's way of life and laws. Maid agencies are now available at every corner of the world. It is easier to trust maid agencies nowadays as they are very well established in the cyber world & help the employer to find a maid suiting his requirements.

Have you moved to the City of Lions and looking for the right maid? For many people, it's difficult just to identify a maid and hire them to help with household chores. The maid has to be trustworthy apart from being a hard worker to meet the expectations of the employer. Hiring a maid in Singapore is a huge process, and you can engage the service of a licensed maid agency in Singapore.

Every licensed maid agency is issued with a license number which is easier to check through the Ministry of Manpower website. Most of us have knowledge about the Singaporean practice of employing a maid. Are you planning to move to Singapore soon? Found a house there but nobody to help you in maintaining it? Then your first step is probably to find a suitable maid. However, it is not easy to find the right maid for the job.

Take a decision at this point before you plan your hiring strategy.

Having a maid is a luxury for some people, but for the others who work full time it is a necessity to hire a domestic helper.

In the countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong there are many middle income households who have a number of maids specifically for different areas of work like laundry, cooking, housekeeping, taking care of children etc & they are paid accordingly.

If you are an expatriate living in Singapore then having a maid to help out at home is better. These house helpers are employed in Singapore, but most of them trace their origin in Philippines and Indonesia. There are also others who come from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. If you are living in Singapore then you should very well analyze why you need one and also you should know the process of hiring a right maid.

Getting the best maid in Singapore

Getting maid is common practice in Singapore. Women from different nations like to make money as housemaids, doing their chores and saving good money to send money to their relatives in their original countries. Having a maid may look like a luxury to many people, but it is a requirement mostly when you're handling a job, a child and household tasks. It's prudent to have a maid to help out handle young children, cooking meals, making the house dust or sand free and hosting your visitors.Getting a house helper all on your own in most cases may be a burden. Fortunately there exist many licensed maid organizations in Singapore nowadays that should take on the responsibilities of getting wonderful maids. Choosing a maid company may be a sometimes daunting. Due to that, we advise anyone to have this mental checklist when going about it.

Examine their status: Since maid organizations in Singapore are very many, the industry in Singapore is not highly regulated, and you better take care and confirm if the maid organizations are registered with MOM (Ministry of Manpower).

Have information on testimonials posted on their website: Mostly if they carry general names and unspecific locations, such as Clinton Smith, John. You can find for feedback on public forums or even use comparison websites. Friends in your gated community or halls are very helpful for referrals.

Check the services they give their customers: Various maid agencies may provide various services butmany of them offer washing, , dishwashing, ironing and laundry. Some organizations offer full time house helpersbut others offer part-timers although others offer both.

Examine on the rates on different agencies: There's not much to decide if it come to standards of maid organizations in Singapore, although there will be a big variations you can benefitfrom. Rates are charged in an hour and you're needed to get a house helper for the least hours, which can start at 3 hours per day, or 4, varying on different agency. Full-time maids are paid differently. House helpers from various origin are worthy for various minimum salaries, as stated by their countries of origin embassies. Mostly, if you want a house helper, you are required to pay a processing fee and one-time registration fee, which will vary depending on the agency

Be critical careful when making deals: Organizations can allow discounts if you are doing long term bookings, or even reduce the rates of thorough washing services. Given that you are a frequent customer.

confirm if they manage background checks: The worry about letting an alien your home is to ensure that they do not walk away with your family silver. Or they will treat your family in a bad way as has been occuring in Singapore on many occasions. Talk to the maid agency to comprehend screening they have carried to make sure that the maid is trustable.