Sunday, 11 December 2016

Finding a Reputable Maid Service

Several people have problems finding a professional cleaning service for their home simply because they do not know where to look for information to help them make good decisions about which one is best for them.

They key to look for a professional maid cleaning service that satisfies the needs of your household. How you do that is easier than it may seem. Here are some suggestions of what to look for when you undertake your search to find a reputable cleaning service.

Before you conduct your search, you should first identify the specific needs of your household and all members in the house, including your pets as even they may bring to bear unique cleaning needs that a maid service will need to address. When you conduct your search, you will want to be sure that the maid cleaning service offers what you are looking for. Don't feel that you have to compromise.

Determine the services that are closest to you and make a list. Then the real work begins: do an internet search on each one, then talk to friends, family and colleagues to find out if anyone in your social circle has ever used any of the services you have identified on your list. You may even want to contact your local Better Business Bureau to find out if they have any information on the services captured on your list.

Keep in mind that if you are choosing a professional cleaning service agency, as opposed to having someone simply come in and clean your house like an independent contractor you have more resources at your fingertips to check out their reputation. For one thing, you are more likely to find testimonials about an agency-run service. In addition, most agency-run cleaning services offer a wealth of information online that an independent may not. Finally, you are more likely to find references to an agency-run service.

Next, you will want to get information on the hiring practices of the companies you are looking at. Information on whether or not the company runs background checks on their employees is important to note as you conduct your search. If the company does not do this, it should raise a red flag.

You will also want to find out if the companies on your search list are bonded. This means that you are protected should there be any issues relating to theft or loss in your home. Also, you should find out if the company's employees are insured so that in the event a maid gets hurt while in your home, the company's insurance will cover them. This is as much protection for you as it is for the professional cleaner in your home.

While some cleaners may expect you to provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment, there are others that will not require this. Most agencies will bring their supplies and equipment, but you can ask the company to provide you with information about what they will be using to clean your home before they begin.

Before you sign any contract with a maid cleaning service, be sure to read the contract thoroughly. It's important to know what you are getting a return on your investment so that there are no surprises later on.

Qualities To Consider When Choosing The Right Maid

Have you ever been bothered about tackling the very tiring and sometimes stressful task of cleaning your indoor and outdoor amenities? Have you even considered seeking help from professional home cleaning companies for you to leave dealing with dirty household chores to them? If you still insist that you don't need the help of a good cleaning staff because you're like superhuman and you can deal with tasks here and there with flying colours and can still come up to social gatherings well-groomed and put-together, try to take things a little slower. Think about the many healthy benefits of less stress and more rest time for you after a day full of grind and tear at work.

As you try and make up your mind whether you should hire a maid per se, these are some of the well-sought after qualities that you might need to check out:

First of all, your Housemaid should be fully equipped and trained well regarding their job. It's not always about growing up in a tidy-kept home with practical and at times stringent parents when it comes to housekeeping that counts, but more importantly, they should be trained very well in cleaning other people's houses plus handling things inside and outside the house with utmost care.

Keep in mind that these hired maids are alright with making cleaning appointments during a given period, and whatever their clients choose, whether it's once a week, every fortnight, or sometimes in a month. Aside from having a maid or cleaner on a regular basis, keep an eye on firm and good professionalism, because that's one of the guarantees when you opt for home cleaning companies. They have employees who exude proper decorum and grace under pressure. Wouldn't it be easier to work with these kinds of people? Of course! Try to consider the price rates involved for the entire cleaning service, House Cleaning companies often vary in their price range, depending on their quality of serving their customers, or it also depends on the special offers they give to their clients. Try to find a company that may well suit your budget but is worth the price.

Don't forget about insurance for liabilities when you go out hunting for a good house cleaner. House, no matter how small or how simple it may look like is an asset and a liability as well. And consider the fact that there are things inside your home that might be worth a fortune -- for instance, carpets and other heirloom tapestries that may become even more expensive as time goes by.

Have fun hunting for the best and quality home maid that are as competitive as they are priced! Then what you need to do is to relax the whole day and the night away or sip wine while you chill out on scorching summer nights.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Maid Agencies - Roles and Responsibilities

Like any other profession, maids play an important role in homes where they are employed. Some parents or homeowners typically spend most of their time at their workplaces and have little or no time to for taking the daily chores at home. They may be having young children who require being taken care off; taking them to school, cleaning them, feeding them, just to mention a few.

Such conditions create a prerequisite for a house help who can undertake such duties for the homeowners or parents. Consequently, the hiring of maids becomes an area of concern for such families and homeowners. They need to ensure that they get maids they can trust for and leave them in their houses, in charge of sensitive issues. The maids need to be conversant with the working conditions of the home such as working hours, traditions culture and so on. They need to be in a position to operate the house appliances efficiently to avoid posing safety risks.

Maid agencies play an important role in ensuring that those seeking a housekeeping job are linked to employers who are in need of such people. They act as the intermediaries for maids. Those willing to employ maids take their specifications to the maid agencies. Such specifications include the age of the maids, origin, level of education, remuneration they are willing to pay, employment basis- contract, full time or part time and so on.

Similarly, the agencies take the details of the people seeking for jobs. Having the full details from the two sides, the employer and the people looking for jobs, they then check for those that match each other and bring them together. The two parties then get into the employment contract if both are satisfied with the existing offers provided by the other party. The maid agencies thus save job seekers the hustle of moving up and down from one home to the other in search of a job. They also ensure that the both job seekers and employers find the most appropriate employers or employees respectively.

The maid agencies also have a role of advertising. They use various media to advertise for the jobs that are available as per the employer specifications. They book air space in the on mass media; prepare newspaper adverts and so on. They relieve the employers the need to place their advert using whatever means. After collecting the information from both the employers and employees, they create an enabling environment where the two can have their requirements known by the other party. They thus save the advertising costs as well as labor and time used.

The job seekers apply to the maid agencies. The responsibilities of the agencies also include selection. If employers were to select employees on their self, it would be much tiring and more time consuming since they would have to do it on their own. Individual homeowners may not have the capacity to call for official interviews where they can compare different seekers to get the relevant skills and qualification required. The agencies have both the information relating to the employers and the job seekers. They, therefore, help in matching the needs of the employers and job seekers thereby offering the best selection.

After selection, some of the maid agencies take the responsibility of training the maids selected. Some of the maids who apply for the house help jobs come from rural areas and may not be conversant with the urban life. The agencies take the task of ensuring that such niches are filled by briefing the jobs seekers on the basics of what is expected from their jobs by the employers. They teach the selected house cleaners on essential skills and behavior as per the requirements of the employers. They make the maids conversant of the job expectations by fully understanding their roles.

The maid agencies also have the responsibility of to guarantee quality for both the employees and the employers. Some employers are not comfortable employing strangers and entrusting them to work in their houses. As such, they need someone to guarantee that the persons employed will work well and are trustable. They thus enter into agreements with employers to take the risks should any loss be caused by the maid employed through the agency. The agency makes the employees feel a bit safer in leaving the maids in their houses despite being strangers.

Moreover, jobs seekers fear mistreatment at their workplace. They fear that chances that they can be molested by the employer in a foreign land. As such they tend to seek for a body that can ensure their safety while at their workplaces even in unknown areas. The maid agencies help in dealing with such cases and ensure that the maids are not mistreated by offering remedies in case the maid find themselves in such situations.

Maid agencies are also responsible for the travel of the selected maids. For those agencies that operate over a wide area or even internationally, they organize how the new employees will reach their employers. The make arrangements for flights to and from the residential areas of the maid. They thus diversify the market for the people looking for jobs as well as increasing the options available for the employers to choose from. Some people would only have worked locally since they may not afford to book flights or they are not conversant with the processes involved.

Besides, some agencies are responsible for maid remuneration. The employees get their payments through the agencies. They reduce the chances of late payments, denied payments and so on. The maids will not at any time quarrel with the employer for payment reasons. They collect the payments from the employers and pay the maids as agreed and at the right time. Complaints on matters relating to the job are heard and acted upon by the employment agency.

In conclusion, the maid agencies play a very crucial role as far as maids are concerned. They bridge the gap between the job seekers and the employers. They can match the needs of the employers and the employees. They ensure both parties work with those they wished and saved the hustle of finding each other.

Monday, 10 October 2016

8 Ways To Manage Your Maid

No longer are maids hired only by the elite. There are now more than 150,000 registered maids in Singapore handling various household tasks like minding children to taking care of the elderly to keeping house. However maids are not professionals; they need some guidance and help settling down in this new city and their new responsibilities.

1. Make a list
Before you actually welcome a maid to your house, the first thing you should do is make a list of her duties. You need to list out what you expect her to do, what you expect in her performance, any house rules you want here to follow and other related information.

Remember, make as detailed a list as possible to make it easy for your maid to read and understand it. You could make two lists; one for her and one for you. Give her the list on the first day to use as a checklist and to avoid confusions in the future like confusion about duties, working hours, your house rules, etc.

2. Cultural differences
Most of the maids who come to Singapore in search of a job are usually not used to living in cities as they hail from a rural area. So they may find it difficult understanding your language, your attitude and your habits. They may also find it difficult handling and using appliances like microwave ovens and washing machines.

Give her some time to adjust to all this, and be mentally ready for 'accidents' while using your appliances. Also respect her religion and don’t force her to do anything against her religious beliefs like eating meat. Give her the day off on her religious holiday so that she can visit her place of worship.

Give her a second chance as she’s learning something new. She may also need time adjusting to high rise buildings and your different child-minding techniques. It’s thus worthwhile if you dedicated some time to just training your maid.

3. Respect
Though your maid may be working for you, it’s important that you give her her due respect. Your children will follow and mimic your manners. So you set a good example for your children by respecting your maid and treating her fairly. Treating her this way also helps improve her work attitude, and make her actually love her work and not feel like a servant.

Most maids will even put in an extra effort to get things done for you. Integrating her into your family where possible will help her feel more comfortable during her time with you. Respect her different cultural background and be patient, tolerant and understanding with her. It goes a long way in minimizing disputes and unnecessary quarrels which may affect her wreak performance.

4. Privacy
You need to define and value each other’s privacy. You need to tell her that privacy is very important for you, and that you will not allow activities like inviting maids over when there’s nobody home. Similarly, you should give her her privacy, and don’t pry into her personal affairs like letters and the phone calls she makes after working hours. Of course, you should interfere if you notice signs of anxiety and depression.

5. Communication
As you are your maid’s channel to the outside world in this new land, you need to maintain good communication lines. It’s only if you are approachable will your maid confide and trust in you. Do not hesitate to tell her if she’s doing something you don’t accept as if you don’t, the problem may only escalate and it gets even more difficult to resolve.

However calmly explain mistakes she makes as raised voices only harbor negative feelings and cause hysteria. There’s a high chance that she will grow homesick at some time or the other. You should thus let her communicate with her friends and family at home through mail as it helps alleviate her feeling of isolation and homesickness.

6. Sufficient rest
It is important that your maid is well rested as it’s only then will she work better. Let her rest well during the night and give her sufficient off days as she needs to relax and enjoy life too. A happy and well rested maid is always better than an unhappy one!

7. General well-being
As her employer, you are responsible for her maid’s wellbeing which includes taking care of her food, basic necessities, medical care and accommodation. She may not be used to your type of food or cooking; give her some time. It’s even possible if you first give her food of her preferences, and then slowly introduce her and let her adjust to foreign food.

You have to pay if she needs medical treatment, including hospitalization, as you are her employer. If possible, give her a separate room. And if it’s not possible, at least respect her privacy by providing her with sufficient space to sleep. Do not make her sleep in the corridor or living room or share a room with a male adult.

8. Wages and bonuses
You both may mutually agree on how you pay her wages-by cash or crediting it into her bank amount. It’s better to document all your payments to prevent any future misunderstandings and if you credit her money into a bank account, hand over the account book to her.

However if you mutually agree to keep the account book, you should at least give her access to it whenever she wants to check that you regularly credit her payments. Giving her a bonus where appropriate like an annual bonus or end of contract gratuity acts like a good motivator. Incentives like this make your maid serve her contract much more diligently and effectively.

So if you are thinking of hiring a maid in Singapore, it takes more than good luck or keeping your fingers crossed to get a good maid. It takes this list of tips to help you understand and manage your maid properly so that she actually enjoys working for you. Once you understand your maid, and get along well with her, you will be able to trust her and leave your home and even kids in her hands!

Monday, 26 September 2016

How To Train Your Maid The Right Way

Are you hiring a new maid? Do you want to know how to manage and train a maid? In Singapore, you will find many homes where people find it difficult to manage the maid and the process becomes more complicated when they need to manage a maid from a different culture. But you can make the process easy with some simple principles and guidelines. Keep one thing always in mind. If you treat them in a respectable manner then they can try to prove themselves as a better worker and can feel committed towards your family and their job.

Regardless of her background and social status, you just need to treat her with respect and care to develop a healthy and friendly relationship. You should try to maintain a good understanding with your maid and should give her enough opportunity to prove her ability and to win your trust. It is not that difficult to hire a maid, but it is hard to get a reliable and committed maid. Hence, make sure that you have hired the maid after a proper research. The next thing is that you should try to train her slowly without trying to teach everything at a time. Moreover, try to think from her point of view and give her some freedom to keep her points.

You should not always try to change the maids. If you change them more frequently, then it will create a bad impression. And you will have to spend more time, energy, and money in the entire process. Another thing is that you will have to do the same effort to teach them the basics. Hence, instead of trying to change them, you should try to train them in the right way. The training process might take time, but it will be helpful and effective for the long run. 

Are you having difficulty to manage your maid? Do you want to give her some training? Do you want to make her familiar with your family members? If yes, then go through this article. In this article, you will get some tips on how to train your maid properly. 

Teach her about your family and their behavior
A maid is a new addition to your family. It is equally difficult for her to manage in such an unknown environment where everyone expects perfect and timely work from her. In the initial days, she needs your support and your help to understand her responsibilities. You just need to tell her what you expect from her, which thing cannot be ignored, and what are the preferences. Do not try to dominate her. This is not the right approach. Try to be friendly and make the training process continual, simple, and easy.

Do not Abuse her
Remember that everyone likes a dignified life. You should treat the maid with respect. If you are a working woman, you can understand her mental condition in a better way. Instead of abusing of for her mistakes, just try to teach her how to do this job properly. If she is new and does not have enough experience, then you might need to take extra effort to train her about your family and their demands.

Teach her everything clearly
If you have younger kids at your home, then make everything clear. You just need to teach her how to manage your kids and family in your absence. And more importantly, if someone requires extra attention then give special instruction to attend that person at the right time. Teach her about the efficiency and value of work.

Praise whenever you find something good 
Everyone likes appreciation. If you appreciate your maid for her work, better management, and for every little thing where she shows her efficiency, then she will be inspired to work with more dedication. In addition to the appreciation, you can buy her small gifts. That will matter a lot.

A newly appointed maid knows nothing about you and your family. You might give her some instruction about her job. But that will not be enough. You will have to guide her in almost every work for a couple of weeks or until she is not acquainted with your family environment. She might have come from a different surrounding. And your guidance can help you to understand the things easily. 

Set reasonable conditions
Your maid needs a healthy life. You should give her enough food and rest to keep her healthy and energetic. Make sure that she is getting seven to eight hours sleep every day and foods in regular intervals so that she can perform her job efficiently and sincerely. 

You should not be over dependent
You should not depend on your maid for every little thing. This will only create problems for you. Instead of depending on her for all the household chores, you should do something on your own. You should take care of your family members in your free time and should spend some quality time with your kids. You can spend some time in the kitchen on the weekends as well.

Do not allow her to dominate you 
You should not try to hurt or dominate your maid. But at the same time, you should not allow her to dominate you. Always maintain a healthy and respectful relationship. If you find that she is trying to dominate you then tell her straight away so that she will not repeat that mistake. 

You should not discuss your personal matters in front of the maid 
Though your maid lives with your family, but you should not discuss your family matters in front of her. She is not your family member and she should not interfere in your personal life. Moreover, if she is a new maid, you should take some time to understand her behavior and preferences.A maid can be reliable and sincere with a proper understanding. Instead of abusing her for her mistakes, you should try to teach her responsibilities in a respectful manner. Hence, it is important to train her properly without trying to change her for small things. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

New Maid VS Transfer Maid: Which Is Better?

In Singapore, lots of agencies offer both transfer maids and new maids. However, before knowing which is better, you must understand the difference between new maids and transfer maids. The former are helpers from overseas. They come in Singapore for work for the first time. After getting some experience, they are transferred from their current employer to another employer. These types of maids are known as transfer maids. 

In a simple meaning, new maids are new to Singapore. However, they may have work experience in their home country. But, transfer maids have work experience in their home country as well as in Singapore. Therefore, the employer will get clear information regarding the employment history, character and working pattern of a transfer maid.

New Maid VS Transfer Maid

So, which is better, a transfer maid or a new maid? When you come across this question, you must consider certain factors. It is not good to reach in a pre-judgment. As mentioned earlier, new maids will not have working experience in Singapore. But, they have experience in their home country. They may also have undergone training from a training center. You can interview her over the webcam or phone. You can also collect feedback from her trainer as well.

Transfer maids will have adequate work experience in Singapore. You will also get an opportunity to interview these types of maids in person. Besides, you will also get the employment history of a transfer maid very easily. Giving employment history of transfer maid is the responsibility of a maid agency. This is one of the major requirements of the MOM (Ministry of Manpower).

You can screen and match transfer maids in a better way because you can meet them in person and can check their employment history. This is helpful for you to gauge the efficiency and work performance of a maid. If the helper has a job hopping employment history, it is not good to select such a person.

As per the new regulations in Singapore, the maids should be provided weekly rest days. This may lead them to mix with bad companies. On the other hand, the new maids will not have fixed routine on weekends. So, they may spend their rest days wondering around. But, transfer maids will have a few years of experience in Singapore. So, they may have a routine, such as going to church, meeting friends, going for courses, etc. However, employers can select to compensate the maids instead of giving them off days. But, it depends on the agreement of girls.

Check the Maid Agency

Before selecting a transfer maid or new maid, you should also consider the maid agency that provides the service. While hiring new maids, the employers normally know only the name of agency in Singapore servicing them. The employers may not have any idea regarding the overseas agencies that supply maids to the local agency. Singapore is a small market compared to the markets in other countries. The agencies in Singapore need to follow lots of rules and regulations while providing home maids. Moreover, the salary of maid in Singapore is also very low compared to the maid’s salary in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Saudi.

Singapore is not a great market for maids. But still, lots of agencies are servicing in this country. An agency boss is always ready to replace his maids because of two major reasons. Lots of employers prefer to hire new maids frequently. When the employer multiplies his sales, the agency will also get money in the form of commission. The transfer maids need to pay transfer fees to the agencies. The employers who employ transfer maids should also pay money to the agency. In such a way, the sales can be multiplied by simply transferring maids.

Singapore is a tougher place for new maids. It has become a stamping and training ground for new maids. Here, the maid agencies re-export new maids to the other countries as 'ex-Singapore' maids. If the agency can do more replacements, it can make more money.

The demands for new maids are very less compared to transfer maids with few years of experience. Besides, transfer maids have to lose more if their jobs do not work well. The transfer helpers have lots of experience in Singapore and their families expect their monthly income for household expenses, needs of children and their schooling, etc. New Maids are new to Singapore and they are prepared to go back to their home country if the situation is not favorable. They are coming in Singapore with a 'try it out' mentality.

Maids Hired from Agencies

Some parents in Singapore prefer to get more hands-on with their home and children. But, some other families need help from a dependable and competent maid. You can hire a full time maid in Singapore in two ways, directly employ a transfer maid or from an agency.

Normally, reputable agencies are supplying maids in Singapore. But, if you hire maids from agencies, you need to pay around S$4,000, which is a huge amount, but it covers several requirements needed for a maid. It may or may not include;

• Overseas recruitment and registration fee (for foreign maids)
• Arrival tickets
• Entry test fee
• Medical checkup
• Security bond
• Medical insurance
• Administration fee for work permit application
• Safety awareness fee

Hiring a new maid is highly expensive. Therefore, most parents try to manage everything themselves. However, hiring a maid is the only option for working parents.

Transfer Maids

In Singapore, you can hire transfer maids directly from the current employer. If you want the help of an agency to do the paperwork, you need not pay the full fee. The fee for transferring a maid is around $500. Employing transfer maid is a trend in Singapore. Here are some other reasons behind the hiring of transfer maids in Singapore.

• Employers can interview maids and check the efficiency, skill, work ethic and experience of the maid.
• The lifestyle and language of Singaporeans is not a shock for the transfer maid because she is residing in Singapore for quite some time.
• Agency fee for these maids are not so expensive

Before hiring a transfer maid, you must do some search and ask friends, relatives or co-workers in case their own maids are planning for a transfer. If this search is not fruitful, you can check online. You will get lots of information regarding transfer maids from Singaporean online forums and social media groups. You must check the past employment record of the transfer maid when you conduct interview. Employing a transfer maid is hassle-free and easy. However, all parties involved must be trustworthy and you must obtain all legal documents.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

7 Ways A Maid Can Add Value To Your Life

At times, you get bored with the same monotonous routine. It surely becomes a hectic when you have to do everything yourself. From office till you reach home , you are loaded with lots of tiring, but unavoidable chores. Have you ever thought to have someone in your house who can actually try to ease out the problem. It would be a better idea to get additional help from someone who would expertly deal with your household tasks. The idea to get an assistance from a maid should definitely prove helpful in every case. Really be thankful to a maid for his or her undivided attention and care paid to you. Somewhere you should belief from heart that the maid do honestly give their best to transform your house to a home.

Check out some pointers which will give you an idea about how they do help you to take care of your dream home.

Gives you chance to relax:
After a tiring day, naturally you would love to recline on the lounge with an expectation that someone would ask for a tea. Obviously a dedicated maid who really does care of your tiredness would effort to relieve you . Definitely such a great hospitality from your maid somewhere gives you a contented feeling from heart. Not that at the same time, he or she takes the charge of the entire kitchen to serve you the most - liked item of yours. Thus, give their heart and soul to prepare a delicious dish. It is not possible to count their effort , but a token of appreciation could make their day.

Cleans the entire house:
As you know that cleanliness is every thing. It is impossible rather intractable to take care of the entire house especially when it is about cleaning. But a dedicated support would help you in the process. And can actually give a tidy look to your home. It might happen that you missed out anything from your cleaning to-do- list. But your maid efforts everything from running a broom to scrubbing your bathroom, dusting furniture to washing clothes. Everything are done with great care and expertise. Over all, the maid always try hard so that at the end of the day you wear a big smile and applaud their endeavor.

Saves your time:
Too many works load you with big projects and assignments. On the top of that, you have to be quite diligence towards the household chores. Altogether you seem to get confused and feel like running away. In the midst of such a situation, when a friendly voice lends the helping hand to assure you, surely you would feel like blessed. It is none other than your maid who stands by you in the hour of need. Always ready to help you consistently . It is quite happening that now you can spend more time with your friends and family. Most importantly you would be left with more free time to relax and enjoy.

Can be easily approached:
The best thing to note is that you can approach them without any hesitation. Your maid only expects an amiable behavior from you. In return the maid gives his or her entire day to look after your house and belongings. Over all, they do perform all the tasks with full care and dedication. Most importantly on behalf of you they do take care of every little details. One more thing to note is that they serve you without showing a mark of tiredness or irritation on their face. Always ready at your disposal. Never retaliates you with a no for an answer.

Works with loyalty:
Entrusting the entire house to a complete unknown person is really a matter of concern. Especially for those working outside, it is not possible for them to manage both the things simultaneously. That is why you anxiously search for a reliable maid who would be loyal in every terms. From morning till night, the maid look after the house, take care of the kids. Additionally keep eyes on the possessions. Now, while appointing a maid you approach with a hidden desire that he or she should be truthful. Nothing to say more the maids also do try to be loyal to their employers.
Always work with focus and concentration:

When you hire a maid , they do always assure that they won’t make you fool at any cost. It is not just the remuneration which bonds the maid with you, but the work itself. The maid tries to assuage you with their tiring efforts. Definitely a need lies on their part. But it is not the case always because they also do work with passion. From morning eight, till eight in the night they work uninterruptedly with great focus just to hear a word satisfied from their employers. Thus, it is important to say that they do take the entire responsibilities without bothering you much. But on your end, you should also try to comprehend their needs. And try to help them from the heart.

Not demanding:
It is quite natural that when you are hiring a maid, you fix a particular salary on his or chores. Now sometimes, it happens that the amount you are paying does not meet his or her daily requirements. Still they are serving you unconditionally. And eagerly waits that one day you would be able to fathom his or her problem. Sometimes, it happens that you are in no position to understand that. On the other hand, the maid too reacts too reticently and never asks you anything. In such cases, you can see that they are unable to put their demands. But as an employer try to read their minds. And converse with them to know their little demands.

It is difficult to move a bit without them. The maids are an inseparable part of one’s life. Try to be with them. Try to hear their unsaid words. Over all, support them so that they can support you in times of need.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Basic Requirements To Become A Maid

Commercial and private households always need efficient cleaning services. A maid is trained worker who is specialized in various light cleaning duties for residences and organizations. Before you go out looking for a job as a maid, there are several things you have to take into consideration to ensure that you are marketable in the flooded market.

What are you required to do as a maid?

First and foremost, you have to understand the duties of a maid. A maid is required to perform a variety of cleaning duties in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, and households. Maids are required to mop, sweep, wax floors, polish and dust furniture; cleaning appliances like ovens and refrigerators. They are also required to change bed sheets, perform laundry tasks and wash dishes.

Some people may also require their maids to do personal errands for them for instance, buying groceries or taking clothes to the laundry. If you get a chance to work in a hotel, you might also be required to deliver items to the guest rooms. If you get a chance to work in a hospital you will be required to sanitize equipment, make beds and clean bed frames.

What kind of training do you require as maid?

Normally, there are no formal requirements; however clients will obviously be in favor of people with at least secondary education or a diploma. High end hotels and several other facilities may require maids with some experience in their line of work. However most people provide training for their maids according to the services that they want performed. New maids will be required to follow an already established routine. Nevertheless, they are moved up to more complex and indepenedt duties.

As a maid you are required to use several cleaning detergents safely. You also have to learn how to operate cleaning machines such as vacuums and buffers. Even if you don’t have these skills, you are going to easily acquire the skills in the due course.

Personal and customer service
The knowledge of the process and principles of providing personal or customer service are very efficient. Even though you don’t have the skills, you employer is going to provide the training for you. Don’t worry about that.

Usually, maids are not required to have experience. Just like I have stated above, most companies or people looking maids will train them. For instance, you do not require any experience or formal training to become an office clerk. Even if you have never worked in an office you can perform these duties.

Information understanding
This is the capability to comprehend any information or ideas presented to you either through writing or a spoken word

As I indicated earlier, most employers will be comfortable with maids that have at least a high school diploma. With such education, it is believed that it is easier to train a maid incase special training is required. You will rarely require a license to perform any of these duties.

Active listening
A maid must have excellent listening skills. You must be able to give full attention to details. Understand points that you have been given and ask questions when appropriate. Never interrupt your employer or argue with them when it is not appropriate

Service oriented
As a helper, you must always be service oriented. Your client’s services should always come first. You must be able to look ways to help others.

Critical thinking
As a maid you should have the ability to think logically and reason well to identify weakness and strengths of alternative solutions, approaches to problems and conclusions.

Duty Experience
Usually, maids are not required to have experience. Just like I have stated above, most companies or people looking maids will train them. For instance, you do not require any experience or formal training to become an office clerk. Even if you have never worked in an office you can perform these duties.

Social perceptiveness
You must be able to depict others reactions and comprehend why they react so. By doing so, you will avoid conflicts with others.

Oral comprehension
This is the capability to comprehend any information or ideas presented to you either through writing or a spoken word.

Time management
You should have the ability to effectively manage your time and that of others. This will reduce the extent of conflicts with your employer. It also allows you to be in a position to do your work effectively.

Personal and customer service
The knowledge of the process and principles of providing personal or customer service are very efficient. Even though you don’t have the skills, you employer is going to provide the training for you. Don’t worry about that.

It is very advisable that you as a maid have insurance. This will protect your employer from having any liabilities in case you get injured. It also guards you during the contract against any misfortunes that may befall you

As a house maid, it is very important to ensure that your availability is in accordance to the expectations of your employer. This reduces the probability of conflicts in case you client requires a task to be done and you are not available.

A maid with a good reputation is likely to get hired by most employers. Maids with god reputation are trustable hence more popular with employers. Ensure that your reputation is at par with your clients expectations.

Be prepared
Ensure that you have a schedule for all the days that you expect to be working. You should have an understanding of time. Have a clear understanding of the events you are required to follow. You should always be prepared for any emergency.

If you are looking for a job to be a part time maid, it is very evident from the requirements above that you don’t have to have so many qualifications. Just armed with your basic secondary education you can be assured that there are several employers that will be ready to incorporate you in their household, restaurant or hospital. All you have to do is to go out searching for one.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Should You Hire A Part Time Or Full Time Maid?

Should You Hire A Part Time Or Full Time Maid? Many people in Singapore often ask themselves this important question whenever they are looking for ways to hire the best maid to help them with chores in the house. However, when you have the right information on whether you should hire them in your house when you need excellent services. The people with more information have been able to make their choices well during their perfect times when hiring these maids. Here is a guide on whether you should hire a full time or part time maid in Singapore:

The type of work that you need these maids to help you with in your house will be a key determinant when hiring them in Singapore. You must do your analysis since it would be crucial for yourself when planning to hire these maids in Singapore to assist you maintain cleanliness of your house. You will definitely understand the reasons why you would need them as you make a decision of hiring them in any town in Singapore. When you have a big family, the chances that you will have more work in your house that needs a full time maid is higher as opposed to when having a small family that needs less attention in terms of the work that they need.

When you hire these maids in Singapore, you must understand the level of work that you will enjoy them to do when making your ultimate decision on what will work well for you. During the period with the maids in Singapore, you should understand the reasons why hire maids in Singapore when planning for their services. You must know that it would be crucial for you to enjoy their presence in your house.

The amount of money that you have and willing to spend on these maids in Singapore should be important on whether you hire a part time or full time maid. Most of full time maids earns more when compared to the part time ones. During your time when hiring them as a part time or full time maid, you will sign a contract that will make them work excellently well when acquiring these maid industry as you decide on them.

How should you pay them a full time maid in Singapore?

Whether you hire a part time or full time maid, you must hire the best that will provide you services that would work perfectly well for you. Full-time and live-in maids are paid as little as about $450 per month, with expats always pay them about $650 or more, which depending on the level of their experience. All employers must pay a monthly routine levy of $265 to the government of Singapore, plus another security bond of about $5,000. You must consider these factors before you can decide on whether you will have a part-time or full time maid in Singapore.

One advantage that you will enjoy when living in Singapore is the affordable domestic help. Majority of expats – such as singles or couples with no children – may find that hiring the services of maid once or twice in a week is adequate. But for others, who have big families, hiring a full-time maid is the best alternative to help with cleaning, shopping, cooking, ironing as well as childcare can always be a blessing. Most maid Singapore are from Indonesia, the Philippines and are conscientious and diligent women who work in Singapore to support their own families back at their homes.

The Cost of hiring a part time maid in Singapore

Part-time maids are also available for in between $10 to $20 an hour, depending on their levels of experience as well as type of work that you want them to help you do. When hiring one, you can do it independently when having experience or through a reputable recruiting company. During the time when hiring these part-time maids in Singapore, employers have the responsibility of providing insurance, accommodation, food as well as medical care for these maids, on to top of hiring costs, the airfares for their bi-annual home leave, an annual bonus and transfer costs.

However, it is important that one negotiates with the part time maids in Singapore on the best working terms and conditions before making a decision of hiring them or not. This will help them understand their roles when living with these maids in their homes or on a part-time basis. This will avoid the problems that often exists when contracts are never negotiated through these processes especially when looking for these excellent options.

What is their responsibility? 
First-time employers should ensure they have a complete Employers’ Orientation Programme that involves attending the session in person for a $20 or just taking a 2-hour course online at the cost of $30. This will enable the maids understand their responsibility when applying jobs as full time or part time maids in Singapore.

Maids must be given every Sunday or any public holidays off, with a 2-week holiday in every two years to go back to their home country. You must ensure that you do understand these terms since they play an important role in determining whether you will hire a full time or part time maid in your home. The conditions have been set by the Ministry of Manpower thus one must understand before ensuring that one maid is hired during the process when making that perfect decision.

What is the cost of hiring a part time or full time maid from the agencies in Singapore? 

When you lack experience on how to hire a part time or full time maid in Singapore, you can hire an agency that will help you through this tedious process. Their fees vary, but can go as high as $400, depending on the level of experience and skills a maid in Singapore will have when hiring them. You can ensure that you negotiate for these services since you will be able to save some money when hiring their services when hiring a part time or full time from the agencies in Singapore.

In conclusion, the above information will help you know whether to hire a part time or full time maid in Singapore.

Friday, 8 April 2016

How To Choose The Right Maid For Your Home?

“To steal a husband is rude, but to steal a good maid is unforgivable”. This popular saying serves as a reminder on how hard it is to find a good maid, yet a maid is the most important person in your home. The maid is the one who spends more time in your home with your children- sometimes even more than you, the maid is the custodian of your home and all your belongings, the maid is the one to clean, cook, organize and make your home a place worth coming back to at the end of a stressful day.

Important as maids are, we hear horrifying stories of bad house helps every day. Some examples are those kidnapping children, conspiring with robbers to steal from you, hurting children sometimes to the point of death, letting strangers to your home among others. Thus, how do you ensure that you choose a good maid, one who is trustworthy, truthful and can meet all your expectations and make your life simpler? Read on to find out how.

Choose the right agency

While some people might prefer to ask referrals from friends, neighbors or relatives, hiring a maid through a recruitment agency is the best option. Other than having thousands of maids to choose from, a recruitment agency can help you find a maid who meets all your specifications like the number of years in the job, your preferred nationality, your preferred age bracket and even the gender of your maid. Choosing a good recruitment agency is therefore inevitable if you want to find a good maid.

There are thousands of agencies in Singapore dealing with the same service, thus, to find a good one:

-Ensure that the agency is licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in this case Consumers Association of Singapore, Singapore Ministry of Manpower or the Association of Employment agencies.

- Ensure that the agency is reputable. Look out for a registered office, a website or customer reviews on the agency. A reputable agency should provide you with consistent information, if one thing seems off, forget about that agency.

-Has a variety of maids to choose from, you are more likely to meet your expectations while dealing with a range of maids.

- Confirm through your friends, family, workmates or neighbors if they have a good recommendation for an agency. If the agency that you are considering is mentioned by one of them, then that is a good sign.

Know what to expect from your maid
Having chosen a good agency, it is important to establish a checklist of all the things that you expect from your maid. This can include your preferred nationality; do you want a maid from Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, or Bangladesh? Determine your preferred years of experience in the job, do you want someone who is starting or someone with some years in the job? What is your preferred age bracket, do you want someone in their 20’s, 30,s or 40’s? What is your desired education level? What is your salary expectation? What jobs do you expect the maid to do in your home, do you want someone who can cook, babysit, clean, or do all the above? These qualities make it easier for the agency to find a maid that can meet your expectations fully. If you don’t set standards, you can easily fall for anything.

Start with several maids, and narrow down to one
The agency should be able to send you several maids to you, sometimes all of them in a single day for interviews or over a couple of days to put them on trial for some time. This is your chance to match your expectations with the qualities of the maid. Apart from what they can tell you about themselves, you have a chance to personally observe them. Is he/she is truthful and honest? Is he/she positive about life? Relate well with your children? Is he/she is passionate about the job? Is he/she is legal in the country with proper work permits and license? Is he/she is a hard worker, organized and diligent? Has undergone any specialized training like cooking, computer courses, caring for children and the elderly among other qualities. Be sure to make it known to both the agency and the maid that they are on trial basis and the maid should work as though they have been offered the job. The trial period should be a few days, or a week maximum since keeping someone on trial basis for long duration is a violation to labor laws.

Referrals from former employer
At the end of the interview or the trial period, you should be able to narrow down your options to one maid or two. Talk to former employers to see if their opinion of the individual is consistent with your own observation. It is possible for a maid to put an act for a few hours or days, but impossible to keep the act for a month or two. Thus, the former employer is your best chance to understand them better. Ask about what they liked or didn’t like about the maid, reason for terminating the contract, if they were happy with the maid’s services, whether he/she is dependable, how much supervision was put in to get the maid to do a good job, how he/she related with the neighbors, relatives and friends and any other questions you feel concern you.

Draft an employment contract
Like any other job, maids should be given an employment contract to read and sign. The contract should stipulate the expected job description, expected salary, expected day off, safety regulations, health issues and possible health cover, termination of employment, and any other issue that is likely to affect your maid’s productivity. The contract is not a document to intimidate your maid, but simply a guideline to ensure harmonize existence and better working terms between you and your maid. The contract should be read and signed by three parties, you, the agency and the maid. While there is a standard contract for maids in Singapore, there is no harm in customizing your own. If the contract is prepared by the agency and given to you to sign, read every sentence, paragraph and clause carefully before signing it. In case of questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to ask the agency or a lawyer.

If you follow these tips, you should end with a maid who is highly professional, a hard worker and who can meet all your needs. Remember to be flexible enough to realize that no one person can meet your perfect description of a good maid, but if you find someone with at least 60% to 70% of the qualities of a good maid, then with proper training and patience, you can make them your dream maid.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How To Remove Burn Stains From Kitchen Stove Top?

Various types of stoves including stoves with ceramic top or glass top or electric stoves etc. are used in almost every kitchen in Singapore and all over the world to cook food. They usually have stains on their top and around the burners most of the times due to food bubbling out of the pans or pots or spills, no matter how carefully you use them. Most of these stains can be removed easily by wiping with a damp cloth or some mild cleaner but sometimes it becomes difficult to remove burn stains from the stove top. Brief information about the removal of different types of burn stains from different types of stove tops is provided here under to help you in keeping your kitchen clean in Singapore.

Removing Burn Stains from Porcelain Range Tops

Burn stains from stove with porcelain top as well as from other types of stove tops can be removed through various methods in Singapore. But while using any of these methods you should be careful as they can damage your stovetop if not used correctly. Some of these methods that you can use in your kitchen to remove the stains of burnt food are given here under for your guidance.

Use of specialized cleaners: Certain specially designed cleaners are available in the market that can be used on porcelain and similar other stove tops to clean burn stains of any kind. But while purchasing them you should ensure that they match to the type of your stovetop.

Razor blade: You can also use a piece of straight razor blade to scrape the residues of burnt food on any type of your stovetop. But while using the blade you should not hold at steep angle and use gentle pressure otherwise it can damage the smoothness of your stovetop due to scratches. You can avoid scratches by holding the blade like you are shaving the stovetop.

Use dryer sheets: You can put a piece of moistened dryer sheet on the burn stains on your stovetop for some time say 2-3 hours to dampen the burnt food. After that you can remove the stain just by wiping the space gently. But this method is good for not so severe burn marks.

Use vinegar-based window cleaner: The base of window cleaner containing vinegar is made safe and functional for any kind of surface. It can help you in removing any kind of stain from your kitchen stovetop just by applying it gently as you use on your windows.

Baking soda: It is one of the traditional methods used for removing any types of stains including burn stains from various types of stovetops. You can remove these stains just by spreading the paste of baking soda in warm water on and around the burnt food and let it stay there for few minutes. Now wipe it with a paper towel. You may need to repeat the process several times to remove the stain completely.

Removing burn stains from the stove with Glass Stovetop

The stoves with glass top should be cleaned carefully to remove burn stains as it smoothness can be damaged easily if not cleaned properly. Moreover these stains are to be removed for glass tops as soon as possible otherwise it can adhere to its surface permanently. Though people use various methods to remove theses stains but most popularly used method is described here under for your consideration. All you need for this method include a small dish, a plastic spoon, some lemon juice, baking soda, olive oil, plastic scrubber or soft cloth, mild soap, a razor blade, cleaning agent and water. The stain can be removed in just few simple steps given below.

First of all you should let the stove cool down before removing stains to avoid any other problem

After that you can clean the burn stains from the glass stovetop according to their nature. If the stain is thick then you can scrape it with a dull knife or a spoon.

But if the stain is tough then you can use razor blade to scrape most of it after coating the stain with olive oil to lubricate and loosen it.

While scraping the stain, the razor blade should be pushed flat carefully against it so that the stovetop may not get scratched.

After removing even the edges of the burn stain you should make toothpaste like thick paste of baking soda in warm water in a small dish.

Now spread this paste on the burnt area of the stovetop and let it stay there for about 10 minutes or until it dries. You can also pour lemon juice on this paste to remove even the tougher marks of the stains easily and effectively.

Now use the plastic scrubber or soft cloth to scrub the area gently. The use of abrasive scrubber can damage the surface of glass stovetop.

You can repeat this process if necessary.

After removing the stains you should use mild soap and warm water to clean the surface and enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Removing Burn Stains from electric stove with Glass top 

The electric stoves with glass top are becoming popular these days to give elegant look to the kitchen. The smooth surface of these stovetops keeps its electric coil concealed to enhance the sleek looks of the electric stove. But keeping its surface clean from burn stains can be challenging as the burnt food can stick to it very quickly. These stains can be removed in few careful steps to maintain the sanctity of the glass of the stovetop.

You should first of allow the stove top cool down completely.

Now remove the larger food particles from the glass stovetop by using water dampened paper towel.

Now take a glass stovetop cleaner available in the market and squeeze few drops on the burn stains portion and let it stay for about one minute.

Now scrape it gently with a razor blade or spoon by lubricating it with few drops of cleaner.

Now wipe the surface with damp cloth or sponge and let it dry before next use.

Thus you can easily remove burn stains in Singapore from your kitchen stovetop of any kind by following the tips given in this write-up.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

How To Select The Right Maid For Home?

Getting a maid for your home can be the best way to help maintain the beauty of your home. There are all kinds of people who ma struggle on keeping their home cleaned and maintaining, but the truth is that having a maid can be immensely helpful and powerful. The truth is that keeping your home spotless and clean is not always easy, but the help of a maid can be just exactly what you may want and need for the long run. In this article, you will discover the right things you need to know about finding the right maid and a couple of different things to help you choose the right person for the job.

Selecting the right maid for your home may be one of the most daunting jobs because you are going to be having somebody come into your home. Having somebody literally walk in to your home can be scary because you may not have built that trust just yet. Having the right relationship is beyond important. The key is to remember the fact that choosing the right person is very important. Use the tips in this article to help you find the right maid that will best suit your home and your biggest needs.

- Choose Somebody With Happy Customers
If at all possible, try to find out what people are saying about that specific maid. Are people happy with what they offer? Are their customers happy with their service? If you have heard nothing but bad things about them, then you should consider moving on. Happy customers are easily those who will gladly tell others about the service. Find out if your maid has had previous customers who were happy with their service. This will help you make the decision.

- Go For A Company-Based Maid
Instead of going for somebody who is from their own little brand, try working with somebody who is within a copman ad has set of other people servicing the customers. If a person doesn't have a website or doesn't have any referrals and testimonials to back her up, it's best to instead go for a company-based maid that works for a bigger brand. This will ensure that you can do some quick research about the brand. It pays off to get some good information about the company before you hire anybody since you can see what other people have experienced from their maid services. It's not easy to find a specific person from one company, but the key is to work with multiple until you find the right maid that best suits your needs and your home.

- Speak To a Maid One on One
If at all possible, feel free to try to speak to a maid one on one. It doesn't matt whether they are with a company or not, the most important part is that you mesh well with the professional paid yourself. In the end, try to get in a meeting with every single maid that you do plan on hiring to ensure that you really do make it in the end and that you find the right person you feel is right for the job. Speaking to a maid can help you see their personality, especially since you will get a sense of who they are as a person. You don't want to have somebody negative living and staying in your home every single day. The key is to interview them and speak to them to see who they are as a person. If they are difficult to speak to, then you you.

- Work With Multiple For Trial-Work
Always consider working with more than a few people to finally get the gist of the fact that not every maid you find is going to be the right fit. Don't be scared to really take the time to work with one for a few days, and then another for a few more days. You can do this for awhile until you feel you have found the right fit. Make it clear before hand that they are working for you on a trial basis to help you find the right fit. Let them the, that they should work the way they normally do,as and it's just that you want to find the right person that you feel fits in to your lifestyle.
- Recommendations And Referrals

Consider going out there and speaking to people within your home area and community. Are there are a couple of people in your neighborhood that have several maids in their family? Are there people who have hired maids before and they know the right people and who you shouldn't hire? Speak to the people within your community because you may end up learning a whole lot from them since they can give you upfront and firsthand advice on people they believe will best suit you and your lifestyle.

- Their Professionalism
When you call them or their company, are they easy to speak to? Do they make it easy to deal with them as maids? Did they arrive on time for their trial work? You need to evaluate them as maids and find out if they are professional with good work ethics. If they are lazy and don't take the time to work everyday on your home, then they don't deserve to have you as a client. Professionalism on their part is so important, especially since there are so many different people you could choose from and compare them to.

Finding a professional a maid requires serous work. You need to be on the lookout properly and get the gist of finding somebody by being very fast paced and knowing what to look for. The advice and ideas above should help you get on the right track and find somebody that you feel best suits your lifestyle. Use these ideas to look carefully and diligently on somebody that can benefit your home and get it to look spotless everyday. The trick is to know that there are good maids out there.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Maid?

When it comes to cleaning your house, you are likely to get frustrated, stressed and worried, knowing that you will have to do it every day. This is one main reason why most people hire maids. However, when you decide to hire a maid, it is always important that you involve a professional company because there are so many risks involved when hiring a maid. There is no doubt that you can find someone who is willing to clean your house in a fairly quick amount of time. But the process of hiring the right maid is not that simple. In fact, the process of interviewing is frustrating for most people.

Here are 9 risks of hiring a maid.

1. Safety of your Property
When you hire a maid, your main concern should be the safety. It is somehow risky and crazy to just hire the cheapest cleaning lady in Singapore without considering your safety and the safety of house. Hiring the wrong maid can result in loss of a substantial amount of property or money.

To some people, hiring a maid is simple, and safety is the least recognized risk. But if you value your property, strangers should not be allowed to enter into a house without some type of prior information of the person or criminal history. Hiring a maid means hiring a stranger. So make sure that a nationwide criminal check is conducted. It is very important that a maid be bonded to safeguard a house in case of theft. For the safety of your property, use an agency when hiring a maid.

2. You may be liable if the maid gets hurt
Hiring any maid under the table is a serious risk to you the employer. This is because if they are hurt or disabled when working for you, you will be held liable. Since they are not covered, there is a possibility that they may sue you for damages, loss of wages and even for medical costs. Technically, when you hire a person, you become the employer. This means you can be held liable for any injury claims. It is therefore important that to review your home liability insurance to make sure it even covers service people like maids in case of injury, and make sure you notify your insurer of the relationship.

3. You might be liable for federal and state employment taxes
If you hire a person to work for you and they fail to pay employment taxes, you as the employer can be held liable for the taxes due. However, if you hire your maid through a professional company that pays all the employment taxes, you will not worry or be liable for any Singapore employment taxes.

4. You may not be compensated if something is damaged
The cleaning lady can break something in your house and she may not be able to pay for the damages. The best way to prevent or control the damage is to ensure the maid have a general liability insurance policy or hire a maid through an agency.

5. Lack of peace of mind
Hiring a stranger for your house chores cannot give you peace of mind you need. You will always worry about cleaning and you might not be able to concentrate on your business or work. Again, the maid may fall sick or fail to turn up. It is your responsibility to find an alternative or else your other important tasks will have to wait.

6. Reliability
Most maids are not reliable. Since there is not proper background check and no strict hiring policies, you cannot be sure if the maid will arrive on the scheduled time and date or not.

7. No professional service
Since the maid is not an employee of a certain company, she is not trained to offer high quality services. She does not know all the methods needed to get best results in all types of situations. In fact, some are not aware of any tips or tricks that are used to keep the house dust and germ free. They are also not trained to remove strains on carpets, sofas or on the wall.

8. No quality cleaning supplies and equipment
Since you are hiring a stranger, it means he or she does not have quality cleaning supplies and equipment. They do not have highest and modern cleaning products without any dangerous chemicals.

9. Flexibility
A lot of people prefer their home to be cleaned when they are around, while other would like their houses cleaned while they are at work or out shopping. If you a hire a maid to clean you house, there is not flexibility. You have to work with her terms or else she may not be available when you need her. But if you hire a maid through a professional agency to clean your house, the company covers your needs. These companies are flexible and work according to the time schedule you provide to them. You can plan your house to be cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. You can also arrange for special visits and a number of people can be increased upon your needs.

Some of the reasons why you should hire a maid through an agency

Hiring a maid through an agency means you are hiring a professional. The maids are trained to clean and keep the house clean. They have the skills required to ensure all aspects of your house are kept in good condition. They also know how to address any difficult cleaning task professionally.

When you hire a maid through the agency, you will have an opportunity to amend or set the cleaning schedule based on your time. Professional maids will always be available when you need them.

Most people deal with a lot of stress on day to day basis owing to the fast paced lifestyle. Hiring a maid through an agency can give you peace of mind. You will not worry about cleaning which gives you time to concentrate on other important issues. They are also reliable and once you hire them, you can be certain that they will arrive on time.

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